Barbara Gremillion - Agent

"If you're looking for a true leader, and caring manager, you've found it in David. He takes great interest in coaching and educating agents to be their best. His success is recognized in the industry on many levels, and I'm glad to be an agent on his team."

Sheri Davis - Agent

"David is the Best!! He is my Broker and has taught me how to effectively communicate! He is so patient and knows how to calm one down when a stressful situation occurs. He is great at listening, communicating and has a great head on his shoulders. He is nurturing and bright. His past experience has helped me get through many transactions and I credit his ability to teach, train and coach to my success. "

Diana Lynn - Agent

"After over 30 years in Real Estate, I have found David to be highly knowledgeable, professional, and extremely personal, and inspiring. A true leader. I am honored to be a part of his team."

Brandy Vela - Agent

"Couldn't ask for a better support system for my Real Estate business! Truly blessed to be working alongside David and the Coldwell Banker team! "

Bob DeJong - Agent

"David is the epitome of a Broker. He is a consummate team-builder, coach, and mentor to all people he associates with in his professional and personal life. Honest, kind, professional, and a true gentleman. David is the broker whom other brokers turn to for advice. "

Roxanne F. Escobedo - Agent

"I am grateful for the leadership, example and support David Pruitt has provided to me during his time as at Coldwell Banker United Realtors Westlake office. He has challenged and encouraged my professional growth and is very personable and incredibly professional. He is concerned about my business and is available in case I need a listening ear. When I feel at a loss on a transaction or need some guidance, I know David will answer a text or return a phone call in a timely manner. He's great with a smile and an uplifting word when I think I can't make another deal work. My business has blossomed under his leadership and I can't think of a better Real estate company manager to be with. That's probably why he was named the 2016-2017 Platinum Top 50 Manager for Austin. He's just the Best!"

Stacey Nelson - Agent

"I recommend working with or for David Pruitt if you enjoy working in a professional environment with an individual who actively listens, participates in your success, and remains objective. David is able to process the information or situation at hand and oftentimes lead you into what you may already know or provide you with solid direction. You will always know where you stand as he is honest and direct. In recent situations, I've learned he is also caring and very willing to lend an extra hand in times of need. He is truly a balanced individual who I find to be a valuable leader and have enjoyed working with."

Dominique Davalos - Agent

"I would like to articulate how supportive honest and immensely hard working David Pruitt is . He has been my managing Broker and Vice President of sales in the Westlake office for many years and I have seen that he dedicates himself thoroughly to the particular task at hand and cares about getting the job done and done well. David has a clearly defined direction and understanding of goals and policies. He directs the office promptly and efficiently .He presents himself well and provides a strong person of integrity with clients and the public as well. I have often had times in my 10 years of being a realtor when something new has come up and confused me and he gave me great direction and solution based ideas to address the issues. I'm grateful to work with David Pruitt. Dominique Davalos"

Belinda Huerta - Agent

"I can't say enough good things about David. He is a great broker and great to work with. His encouragement and support is something that I truly appreciate. I could not ask for a better leader. "

Paula Greenfield - Agent

"David is any amazing leader and manager. He cares very much for the people he works with and those that work under him. He is available 24/7 - always there when you need him. Down to earth and an all around great guy to be around. "

Simon Magnus - Agent

"I have the privilege of being a friend & professional colleague of David's for 23 plus years. David is my go to for any advice about real estate or personal business. He makes himself available when advice is needed..... There are very few people in this world I consider taking advice from and he is one of them! He sees the bigger picture and loves to help people achieve their goals. His guidance has been very instrumental in my career over the years and he is the reason why I am an agent at Coldwell Banker. "

Rudy Vincent - Agent

"Immensely knowledgeable in all things Real Estate, and always trying to learn more. Anytime I, or my team, have a question he is there with an answer and provides the best way to approach a situation. Helped me in my journey as I navigate this fulfilling yet perplexing and complicated business. So glad he is our broker. "

Joany Price - Agent

"David Pruitt is my Broker and my friend. His wealth of knowledge in real estate has helped guide me to a very successful career. He gently pushes me to be better every year which is why I have been with Coldwell Banker since 2007. I wouldn't go anywhere else! If you want to learn from the best, talk to David Pruitt. He's ready to talk to you! "